Applications for exhibitors are now closed, as we are completely packed! The response has been amazing, and it’s so exciting to have all these brands and manufacturers descending on our show. It’ll be a squeeze, but it’s great to drown in so much gear. See below for the planned layout for the day.


ALM / Busy Circuitshttps://busycircuits.com/  – Eurorack Modular

AMSynthshttps://amsynths.co.uk/ – Eurorack Modular

ApolloViewhttps://www.apolloviewmodular.com/ – Eurorack Modular

Arturiahttps://www.arturia.com/ – Synths (Minifreak)

Ashun Sound Machineshttps://www.ashunsoundmachines.com/ – Synths (Hydrasynth)

Bastl Instrumentshttps://bastl-instruments.com/ – Synths and modular

BeepBoophttps://beepboopelectronics.co.uk/ – Eurorack and modular DIY

Befacohttps://www.befaco.org/ – Eurorack Modular

Blicken Synthshttps://blickensynths.co.uk/ – Popup modular shop

DPW Designhttps://dpw.se/ – Pedals and Eurorack

Eventidehttps://www.eventideaudio.com/ – Pedals, effects and Eurorack

Expert Sleepershttps://www.expert-sleepers.co.uk/ – Modular

Expressive Ehttps://www.expressivee.com/ – Osmose expressive synth and controller

Knobulahttps://www.knobula.com/ – Eurorack Modular

Korghttps://www.korg.com/uk/ – Synths and drum machines

Look Mum No Computerhttps://www.lookmumnocomputer.com/ – Something weird from Sam Battle

Midicakehttps://www.midicake.com/ – Midicake Arpeggiator

Modular Perfectionhttps://modularperfection.com/ – Eurorack cases

Mooghttps://www.moogmusic.com/ – Synths (Matriarch)

Pro Synth Networkhttps://www.youtube.com/@prosynthnetwork

PWMhttps://www.1pwm.com/ – Synths (Malevolent)

Rakithttps://www.rakits.co.uk/ – DIY Kits

RYK Modularhttps://rykmodular.bigcartel.com/ – Eurorack Modular

SOMA Labshttps://somasynths.com/ – Synths and weird boxes

Thonkhttps://www.thonk.co.uk/ – Modular DIY

Venus Instrumentshttps://www.venusinstrumentsaudio.com/ – Eurorack Modular

Voltage Vibeshttps://voltagevibes.com/ – Modular kits and utilities

Gear from Enthusiasts:

In addition to tables taken by manufacturers, we have some very generous enthusiasts bringing synths for you to enjoy.

This includes:

5U MOTM System, Black Corporation Deckard’s Dream & ISE-NIN, TTSH, Yamaha DX1, Yamaha DX7, Fairlight CMI Series III, Yamaha DX7II, Korg M1, Roland JX8P, Roland D50, Casio CZ3000.

And is subject to change.


Synth East plan
Synth East plan